Scents and Flavours

Products that derive from roses give off a scent that diffuse in the air and create an enchanting setting, an explosion of color and vitality. The cultivation of roses began a long time. Apicius, who was a famous gastronome used it already in ancient Rome.
At the Antico Casale Toscano you can buy products made with roses prepared directly from us, as good syrups and scented jams.

The officinal herbs are the remedies that nature has created even before the coming of man. The plants and officinal herbs take their name from the Latin word “workshop” in reference to the ancient pharmaceutical laboratories where they extracted the substances traditionally used in folk medicine.
The expression officinal herbs, as we know it today, identifies both the medicinal plants and herbs.

Medicinal herbs include any plant that contain substances that can be used for therapeutic purpose; while aromatic plants are those for their particulare active priciples, are used to make the food more agreeable or to flavour liqueurs.

At the Antico Casale Toscano, in addition to wine of our vineyards and our oil of our olive trees, you could to taste and appreciate all our herbs and medicinal plants that we cultivate to live an experience, unique and unforgettable to preserve a gorgeous memory of Tuscany products with officinal herbs will allow you to enter in their wonderful word! A path rich of scents and suggestions for the well-being and health.
Rediscovering the secrets of grondmother, natural remedies, uses in the kitchen and liqueurs derived from it.

In addition to the tasting, you can buy our genuine products born from old and healthy habits. In our farm you will find extra virgin olive oil, flavored oils withherbs and hot pepper, salt flavores with herbs, olives, red and white wine, jams, pout pourrì, dried tomatoes, bunches of lavender, dried chillies, dried medicinal herbs, mint and melissa, and many other products.

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